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Choosing the promotional activity and develop an overall killer marketing campaign is a challenge for every entrepreneur, small business or local business establishments. While in-general the bottom-line appears to be same for each marketing campaign but in terms of picking the medium and modes, each business is unique with its own preferences.

Business Promotion Consultant India

AspKom Eixil (Principal Consultant – Ashu Gaur)

Biggest challenge business owners face is in terms of deciding the budgets and turnaround time for the strategy to yield the outcomes – Pushing too hard or keeping too slow pace both kills the impact of the campaign. Where the technology keeps on evolving everyday with new tools and changes happening in the business environment, there is absolutely no standard rule or rule-book prototype for business promotions.

Goal of marketing and business promotions is to get visibility and outreach to your target audience (prospective clients). Inquiry and Leads is the byproduct and here lies the basic fundamental difference in Branding and Marketing. A strong Branding creates a positive perception for your Brand which actually gives you more selective, focused and qualified leads; Loosely planned sales campaign may deliver more leads or inquiry but ratio of qualified leads and conversions matter.

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Article Source and Credits: Ashu Gaur, Principal Consultant, AspKom Eixil – Brand Promotion and Consulting Company