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AspKom Eixil offers Business Consulting, Marketing and Promotion Services to Advertise and Promote your Business, Brand, Products or Services. Apart from this we also offer ways to secure your Brand Position & Identity so as to avoid any identity crisis. Our Service Portfolio varies from Advertising, Promotions or Plan (Innovate) Campaigns for Print Media, Digital Media, Electronic, Online or Social Media. Other Service includes lead generation direct marketing approach which includes SMS Marketing Campaigns, Email Marketing, Promotion Campaigns, Viral Marketing Concepts, Content or Video Marketing, Promotions through Mobile Applications or Games, Corporate Profiling, Corporate Identity Package, Online / Web Consulting, Internet Marketing, Online-Offline Profiling and Creating Story, Creative or Interesting Scripts for Social Media Marketing – In all we plan and implement overall complete strategy for your Branding, Profiling, Marketing and Lead Generation.

Business Consulting, Development & Promotion

Market Analysis & Research for Launch, Promotions and Development of Brand, Business, Product or Service in Global Marketplace. We offer multidimensional approach towards Business Promotions and Advertising on any Medium. Apart from Regular Campaigns, we generate innovative Strategy or Concept and Implementation-Execution for innovative viral marketing campaigns and Co-Branding Opportunities.

Technology Consulting & Software Development

We Offer Software Application Development, Business Promotion Tools, Business Automation Software, Mobile Applications, Portal Systems for Vertical Markets and Web Based Applications. Apart from developing custom software on demand, we offer Consulting, Installation, Implementation and Customization of Open Source Applications. AspKom Eixil through its content marketing strategy helps the businesses not only to promote themselves through Blogging and Content Management System (Drupal, WordPress or Joomla) but also capitalize the inputs from blogging into revenues.

Advertising & Business Promotions

We offer Advertising Solutions for Print Media, Digital Media or Electronic Media. Various methods for promotion and advertisements depending on its effectiveness can be used in combinations for any effective campaigns. We provide consultation and implementation of that combination to deliver more efficient outcomes. Some of common promotional modes include SMS Marketing, Email Campaigns, Newsletter Promotions, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Executing and Implementing Structured Media Management, PR Campaigns and Online PR Campaigns with the Core Business Promotion Plan always help the company in creating the Buzz.

Business Services

Other Business Services includes Brand Promotion, Brand Management, Business Start-ups, India Entry Strategy, Corporate Profiling, Securing your Brand Identity on Internet, Trademark & Patent Consulting, Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright Issues, India Entry Strategy, Product Launch and Brand Positioning, which we undertake not as an independent project but as tools for overall Branding for the Company in creating strong foundations.

If your Product or Service be the Backbone of the Organisation;

Production and Operations be the Brain;

Business Development and Marketing is considered as the Heart of the Organisation.

For a Healthy and Prospering Company both Heart and Brain are Vital and Inseparable.

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